1. Happy 4/20! Thanks Jenn for coming out from Calgary to get tattooed! Have fun hanging in Portland!


  2. Hey Salt Lake City!!! My good friend @nashhogan is currently guesting at @cathedraltattoo until Monday!! Go out and get tattooed by him!!!


  3. Once again, it’s been a great week and a half in NYC at @threekingstattoo ! Here are just a few pics out of a bunch of things I got a chance to make. I have continual gratitude to my clients for coming out and getting some rad stuff!! So thank you!!! A big thank you a tons of love to my Three Kings family! It’s always an awesome time with you guys and I can’t wait to be around more often. Thanks to @antoniorules @rickireckless and @brookexcampbell for letting me couch surf and for good hangs and also to all my buds for good times bowling, cards against humanity and all the drinks and laughs! See you again next month dudes!!! āœŒļøšŸ‘½šŸ˜Žā¤ļøāœŒļø (at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK))


  4. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Doing walk-ins @threekingstattoo from Noon - 6pm! Call the shop or swing on by! (at Three Kings Tattoo Parlor)


  5. Iā€™m doing walk-ins today @threekingstattoo from Noon-10pm!! Come on down and grab a tattoo! (at Three Kings Tattoo Parlor)

    Tron/ Losingshape.com

  6. Got a chance to finally tattoo this Bert Grimm design I repainted on @anditiana ! Thanks!! (at Three Kings Tattoo Parlor)

    Tron/ Losingshape.com

  7. @antoniorules extreme close up


  8. @richardsmithtattoo @nashhogan @ohashleylove @mattbivetto @antoniorules #arrow (at The Dropzone)


  9. @ohashleylove @antoniorules @mattbivetto (at The Dropzone)